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The Difference Between a Parasol & an Umbrella

We’re often asked about what constitutes a parasol vs. an umbrella.

The basic answer is that it depends what you’re using it for. If you're blocking out the sun, it’s a parasol. If you’re using it to stay dry during rainstorm, it’s an umbrella.

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Five Ways to Celebrate National Umbrella Day

Today is National Umbrella Day. You're probably thinking, "I had no idea such a day existed!" Well, here at BRELLI, it's one of our favorite holidays! So in honor of this oddly-specific day, here are our top five suggestions for "celebrating." 

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Why Bamboo is the Sustainable Material of the Future

We at Brelli are regularly asked, “Why do you make your umbrellas and parasols out of bamboo? What’s so special about that particular material?” Beyond just being lightweight and stylish, here are four reasons why we make our sustainable umbrellas and parasols out of bamboo.

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The Brelli: The World's Most Eco-Friendly Umbrella

In 2013, Americans generated roughly 254 million TONS of trash. That translates to roughly 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day! Of this, only about a third was recycled or composted. While much of this trash is food waste, disposable products make up a substantial portion as well.

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Sunscreen vs. a Parasol: Which Better Protects Your Skin?


For those of us with fair skin, staying clear of the sun's harmful effects can be a struggle. We've heard about the dangers that the sun's rays pose, but we're not sure exactly how to ensure that we're protected. Along with lathering up with sunscreen, we try donning big hats, long sleeves, or a variety of other measures to stay safe. However, there is a possible alternative. Parasols, meaning "sun shields," have long been popular in Asia, but now they're gaining traction in the U.S. as well. So perhaps the question is: which method provides superior protection?

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A Melanoma Survivor's Story

Timna Understein, a longtime friend of ours here at The Brelli, has created a video discussing her experience overcoming a melanoma diagnosis. Timna runs a blog and Facebook page called "Respect the Rays," which provides valuable tips and resources for women with melanoma. We have worked with Timna on many occasions including the "Pass the Parasol" campaign, Wings of Hope Melanoma Gala and other events regarding the fight against melanoma. 

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The Brelli Production Process: Fair Trade & Sustainability

At Brelli, we are extremely proud of all of our umbrellas and parasols. We love sharing with the world exactly how they're made, and we find that our customers really want to know these details. Rest assured that any product you buy from us is sustainable, handcrafted, made with fair trade practices, and emits only the smallest of carbon footprints. 


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Lady Gaga Spotted Rocking a BRELLI!

Back in September, Lady Gaga was spotted on the set of American Horror Story: Hotel in Los Angeles rocking a grey medium BRELLI! Being conscious of the harmful UV rays, Lady Gaga wanted something fashionable to protect her from the sun while outside all day on the set. We'd say she looks great! 

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Jamie Lee Curtis Loves Her Brelli


Jaime Lee Curtis can’t say enough about the BRELLI. She loves them and takes them everywhere she goes. She’s even had people take them from her!

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The BRELLI in Total Recall

We are very excited to announce that BRELLI is in the blockbuster Total Recall 2012! Throughout the movie, the BRELLIs are continuously featured. Whether it's a fashion statement, or for shelter from the rain…the BRELLI is THE umbrella of TOTAL RECALL 2012!